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Steve’s new song Xmas Time With You

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Ron Sexsmith:

Check out the new lyric video my daughter Evelyne made for Steve Jensen’s catchy and timely song “Really Nice Person”

Stay tuned for the upcoming Xmas song to be released.
Steve and his wife Erin are selling the “Gimme the Goods” CD themselves and they are selling well!
Contact them here if you’d like one. $20.00 each.

Steve in a Mask

Steve’s first Album “Steve Jensen” has been Mastered at Abbey Road Studios and available for purchase on Vinyl, as well as CD and Digital!

Check out the 9 track Album Teaser for “Steve Jensen” on the right side here !

Vinyl available in Lower Mainland, Washington State, Portland Oregon, and now Vancouver Island stores! See the Stores page for locations!

Vinyl has arrived and is available at stores in the lower mainland and Washington state

Also, please check out the video for Julie My Friend on the the videos page.

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Steve on Abbey Road crosswalk

Reviews from CD Baby

Matt Graham of rock group ” Search Party “

Great CD ! Steve. Really Nice Person almost made me drive off the road laughing , you jerk ! LOL
Super creative songs to enjoy while blasting down the road in the car. I had a ball on my first listen through

Grant McCulloch
Every song stands on its own !
Wow Steve what can I say? What an expanse of sound and lyric. Every song stands on its own and is a pleasure to listen to, well thought out with depth and subtly. This is a record you’ve obviously worked hard for and can be truly proud of. It rocks!

David Stone of Rainbow / Max Webster
It is an excellent Album Steve . !

Tom Harrison (Music Critic )
I like the fact that this record exists.
Along comes Steve Jensen with nine songs on a CD that actually has variety. This record is modest, Jensen, humble. Likeable and earnest rather than aloof or arty.
Listening, then, is an invitation, not a challenge. Fun, too.
One other thing that makes the record unpredictable is that Steve Jensen sings the songs in a different voice each time, hard rock abrasive if necessary, those McCartney and Lynne comparisons, that winsomeness. Thus, he subverts the uniformity that often is a hallmark of contemporary records.

Paxton Bachman ( Blues recording Artist nephew of Randy Bachman )
It is very well done and you should be proud of the finished product !

Linda Bishop (Rock singer )
I have been meaning to text you and tell you how much I love the CD!!!! This is a little gem that you created Steve. How is it that you’re not famous?

Mark White ( Bassist and Rock Vocalist )
Hey brother, I was listening to your CD on the way to Edmonton, wow I was very impressed and I see all the tracks are different, great stuff. let me know when you want to go on tour…lol

Jody Tennant ( plays Paul in the Fab Fourever Band )
Very Catchy !
Great album mate. There’s some really tasty stuff in there. I hate making comparisons, but it sounds like Julian Lennon singing catchy melodies from McCartney. Even has a bit of Wings-esque Linda on bg’s. . Congrats on a really, really solid album throughout. I wish we all could bash one out like that in our life times.

Jeff Neill (Guitarist for Canadian Juno Award Winning band Streetheart )
Steve! Really nice work. You definitely have the Beatlesque/power pop thing down! Really well written songs and a good bunch of players you brought on board
I am pleased to see you are getting some deserved good retail support for your work. You have my full respect both as an artist and as a person. Wishing you and your family the very best in all things. Jeff Neill

Brent Braidwood ( recording artist )

A truly delightful recording !
Singer-songwriter Steve Jensen’s recently released eponymous album — available in both CD and vinyl — is a real treat for the ears and classic pop-rock style enthusiasts in particular. It’s been a long time since this listener has had the pleasure of enjoying an album with this kind of wonderful diversity … and so much of it is so dang catchy! The production and the sheer sonic quality of the recording is outstanding. The musicianship is second to none. Readers of album notes will soon see that Jensen had his album mastered at Abbey Road Studios.
All in all, a truly delightful recording filled with witty, catchy songs. I can hardly wait for Jensen’s next release.

Ron Scott ( Promotion Marketing executive EMI MUSIC CANADA).
Truly pop confections, the melodies and lyrics are so catchy, they remind me of the clever clever bits of The Beatles when radio, and 45rpm singles ruled the roost when it came to the explosion known as the British Invasion.
This is a perfect album for a Saturday or Sunday play, it’s full of quirks and hooks that will engage your brain and body. I highly recommend it, as it’s a sequential roller coaster of pop rock that: is original, yet familiar, so you will enjoy the atmosphere it reflects, whether in your car on the road, or in your kitchen, or your special listening room…it jumps out of your best speakers; while it was mixed by Corman at Westsonic Music in Vancouver, it was Mastered at the world famous ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS.
There’s magic in this music! Do yourself a favour, get STEVE JENSEN, if you’re a music junkie, it will give you a quick high, and a longer lasting fix the more you experience it. Its a well produced , not over produced wall of sound.

Frank Soda ( and the Imps )
Loved your album Steve…great job! .I thought it flowed quite well .
Julie my friend..very pleasing..and nostalgic…Wrinkled dance..
Promises for 2..very interesting..Finally over…for cool rocky funk feel..
.But your whole album was very pleasing to me..
Your Beatle influence in the songs and production suits your writing and your voice..Well done!

Gordon Sauck Owner of Innovative Audio
Ok, if you are looking for that great ‘new sound’, your search is OVER!
My good pal Steve Jensen has cut a KILLER ALBUM which needs to be checked out!
A wicked combination of Beatles, Floyd and some dastardly funny material puts this album way up there in the truly ORIGINAL category.

Corey Lavigne (Vancouver Blues recording Artist)

Fabulous !
Hi Steve I got your CD a few days ago actually and have been listening to it in my car it sounds really great, that is an understatement, it really is quite a fabulous musical accomplishment is one way of putting it .With all the elaborate arrangements throughout the CD I can just imagine the time talent and effort that went into the whole thing, awesome bro !!

Cher Cherabia (Music Talent Manager)
This Steve Jensen album Rocks!
There is a soulful purity to this album . I was whisked away to another plane listening to these beautiful songs. They are now happily stuck in my head. such as “Domesticity” Love it! The music & production on this cd is precisely on the mark & superb. AbbeyRoadStudios did an excellent job mastering it of course. This album is going to huge!

Terry Draper ( Founding member of Toronto band Klaatu)
“Julie My Friend is a nice tune , Walking Back Home is very nice with great vocals , catchy melodies ! ”

Bruce Springsteen ( yes !! that BOSS ! )
“Walking back Home is a fine song !”

Ron Sexsmith ( Singer , Songwriter , Juno Award Winning Canadian Recording Artist )
” I really like , Finally Over and Really Nice Person ! ”

Jon-Mikl Thor ( yes !! that THOR !!!)
You have a sound I like with influences of Beatles with “Pain to My Heart”, and “Domesticity” which had touches of McCartney. Two of my favorite tracks. I grew up in the 60’s and love the sound you captured with those tracks while making them modern. While you had a 1967 Beatles sound, . Anyhow, very cool! Great stuff! Thank you for the album!

Al Harlow (of Canadian Rock Band PRISM)
Great Songs Steve and wonderful lyrics, I have it in my car !

Larry Hennessy ( JACK FM Radio DJ )
Steve had his music mastered at Abbey Road Studios for good reason . He is four lads in one and has that magic, swirling sound that we love so much. Walking Back Home is a favorite

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