Steve’s Album has now been Mastered at Abbey Road Studios England and now ready for download.

Steve Jensen

I’m going to jump on the “Beatle-esque” bandwagon, because Steve Jensen’s record pushes those buttons hard in a very good way! His singing is Lennon-like, particularly on the lovely backing vocals, and songs like Domesticity and If It’s A Crime are gleefully Pepper-iffic. But his more ‘modern’ tunes are very shiny as well:
I like “Julie My Friend” for the hit, and “Promises For Two” is a rush as the sad-song-that-sounds-happy (my favourite genre). Steve’s voice is, in fact, the glue that pulls this eclectic set fully together.
The songs are catchy as heck and the recording/mastering is gorgeous.

Check out the new 9 trackĀ  Album Teaser on the right side here !


1722 – Unique Visitors

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  1. Tamara Lynch says:

    This is a fun, feel good CD that I like to have in my driving mix. Hard to pick just one because I enjoy all the songs, but Wrinkled Suit and Walking Back Home would be my favorites. Thank you Steve for sharing your talent with us. Tam xo

  2. Jeremy Rogers says:

    I’m a proud owner of Steve’s CD and I like every song on it. I think my 2 favorites are Walking back home and Wrinkled Suit…but I also like Domesticity. the harmonies on Julie my friend remind me of the Grateful Dead. The sound of this thing is great!

  3. Nancy Moore says:

    AMAZING!!! Loved every note! So talented! Thank you for sharing that talent…it was long overdue!

  4. Wendy says:

    Thank you Steve for a fun CD! The variety is great and the CD is beautifully mastered. I really enjoyed Wrinkled Suit.

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Steve Jensen