The  Album has  been Mastered at Abbey Road Studios and is now  ready for purchase on Vinyl !!! as well as CD and Digital 

Check out the new 9 track  Album Teaser on the right side here !

Vinyl available in Lower Mainland, Washington State, Portland Oregon, and now Vancouver Island stores! See the Stores page for locations!

Steve’s latest tune, "So So For So Long" available here, released by country singer Jenni Doyle!

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Steve on Abbey Road crosswalk

Vinyl has arrived and is available at stores in the lower mainland and Washington state and online at CD Baby.

Also, please check out the video for Julie My Friend on the the videos page.

Thank you !

Steve Jensen

Steve!   Really nice work. You definitely have the Beatlesque/power pop thing down!   Really well written songs and a good bunch of players you brought on board.   I am pleased to see you are getting some deserved good retail support for your work.  You have my full respect both as an artist and as a person.   Jeff Neill  ( Guitarist for Juno Award Winning Canadian Band , Streetheart )





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  1. Tamara Lynch says:

    This is a fun, feel good CD that I like to have in my driving mix. Hard to pick just one because I enjoy all the songs, but Wrinkled Suit and Walking Back Home would be my favorites. Thank you Steve for sharing your talent with us. Tam xo

  2. Jeremy Rogers says:

    I’m a proud owner of Steve’s CD and I like every song on it. I think my 2 favorites are Walking back home and Wrinkled Suit…but I also like Domesticity. the harmonies on Julie my friend remind me of the Grateful Dead. The sound of this thing is great!

  3. Wendy says:

    Thank you Steve for a fun CD! The variety is great and the CD is beautifully mastered. I really enjoyed Wrinkled Suit.

  4. Thomas Cox says:

    Steve a brilliant CD and a great listen! Thanks for my signed copy! My wife and I are currently enjoying playing it in the car driving around. It’s got a Beatles and David Bowie kind of feel and sound and we love it. Great work and best regards from Penzance Cornwall to Coquitlam Canada. 🙂

  5. Katherine says:

    Your CD has a light, warm, energetic vibe. It sounds heartfelt and nostalgic and makes me think of simpler times. I like all the songs. There is a lot of talent here!

  6. Rick says:

    Hey Steve its Rick kinda miss seeing you driving the Bosa truck but im glad your doing what you love thanks for giving me your CD your not missing much on the road here !!!

  7. Matt says:

    Great CD Steve! Super creative songs to enjoy while blasting down the road in the car. I had a ball on my first listen through.

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